What’s Happening With The Burying Gabe Prequel?

Dear Reader, I’m so glad you asked!

Around the time I was finishing up Burying Gabe (BG), I knew that the three characters who don’t appear in BG (because reasons) were crying out for a chance to speak for themselves.

Whilst editing Parisienne Skies, I wrote a first draft of “Vespertine Begins” (that’s the working title) where Nev, Carrie and Schroeder have their time to shine. We’re currently editing it to within an inch of its life and I hope to have it out around Christmas time.

It *might* be called “Seven Worlds Will Collide: A Vespertine And All Who Sail In Her Story” once I publish it. 7WWC is a title I’ve previously used elsewhere, as those who’ve known me for a long time will attest. I’m still vacillating over that and may yet choose something else, but I’ll tell you this much. It won’t be called “Vespertine Begins”!

I like dwelling in the Lady Vespertine universe. There’s so much more to come from there, and from Ganymede Station too. Just watch this space!



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