Is It A New Story? It Surely Is!

Yes indeed, my next story has arrived! Medium Freighter Seeks Crew involves the crew of the Lady Vespertine, some of whom you may have already met in Burying Gabe. MFSC is set 12 years before BG. Why don’t I let the blurb tell you more?

“Sam Cooper has just acquired a bigger cargo ship and some lucrative asteroid mining permits. He’s gathered a first officer, an engineer and some muscle together on Mars but finding more crew is proving difficult. A chaotic old friend and a stubborn geologist are both playing hard to get but events take a sudden, perilous turn. Can the new crew members work together as a team to mount a dangerous rescue mission? “

Places to buy it:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Google Play

With MFSC safely launched, my focus now moves to this year’s Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). What am I going to write 50,000 words about in the 30 days of November? (29 for me as I always have my birthday off, mid-month.) It’s all in hand. Ideas are forming! Prep work needs to be done! Can’t wait to ride that exhilarating wave of creativity!



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