At Last, The Prequel!

Wow, it has been quite a while since I last wrote.

In the mean time, I’ve done a very random Nanowrimo where I crossed the finishing line again. Although there’s not much that can be salvaged from the document that I produced last November, it has served an important purpose. I’m now writing at least every weekday, hurray!

I’ve been working on that prequel to Burying Gabe that I promised, last year. The prequel has a working title but I’m hoping to come up with something better before I bring it to light. I should mention that “Burying Gabe” was meant to be a working title but I never fell upon anything better that fitted as well, so we shall see.

I’ve also gone back to the project that I’ve been editing with he who shall be known as “Strong Silent Type” for now. “Parisienne Skies, Full of Strangers” is a completely different kettle of fish to BG, and I hope to be bringing it to you, fairly soon.

There will be more bloggage when I have further news, my friends! Until then:

/exeunt, follow by a bear


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